The sim has several features, the following is a brief list of the more interesting points.

  • Uses Flashes LocalConnection class to communicate between screens.  This means you can have several sim screens open at once and watch them all interact.  This should work really well when you have multiple monitors.  It also means you can do things like build components into web pages that can talk to other peoples sims.  It basically lets you do lots of crazy things and is very simple to use.
  • Can be translated and configured using only external XML files.  For translators this means they don't need to use Flash, they can just open up the XML file in their favorite editor and make the relevant changes.  More information about the process can be found in the Translators FAQ.  The external config files allow you to change alot of different things about how each screen works such as its keyboard short cuts, sound effects and individual screen functionality.
  • Is open source with a GPL.  The sim and all it's files are available to be modified as you deem fit.
  • Has a seperate wormhole animation screensaver.  The windows installer is created using instantstorm Flash screensaver creator.  The full source code is available in the source download.
  • Uses Northcode Incs fscommand Proxy to load external batch files when an address is dialed.  Run any app on your Windows based system by dialing a gate address.
  • Several free extras including SGA icon and video files.
  • Useful right click context menu.  Most commands for each screen can be accessed here.