Welcome to The Stargate Atlantis Computer Simulator.

This is a simulation of the Stargate Atlantis computer system. It includes a Dial Home Device, Outgoing Gatescreen, Destination Gatescreen and a single test destination content screen.  They can each be loaded seperately by running either their swf, exe or .app file.  Alternatively I created a wrapper for them all that I nicknamed SGACS.

The Sims Future

I've received several emails asking what will happen to the sim. It is not dead, I'm just on hiatus as I got really busy setting up my new company so I switched my focus to that from personal projects. Once that’s taken care of I’ll have more spare time so I’ll do more work on the sim. Here are the things I’ll be working on next and probably the order I’ll be doing them:

  • Update website documentation
  • Implement AS Docs support on the web site so all the source code documentation is available there. I wrote all those comments, might as well use them!
  • Add forums for tech support and to allow users to share custom content.
  • Add self destruct screen. This is the simplest of the not implemented ones.
  • Add incoming wormhole screen.
  • Add gate diagnostics screen.

I’m also waiting for the Molehill update to the Flash player which will allow proper 3D object support in Flash. Will use that for the gate diagnostic screen.

Keep the lights on. I'll be back.