Translators FAQ

The sim can be translated by editing several XML files stored with the sim.  Each screen has its own directory within the main sim directory.  Inside each of these is an "xml" directory and inside each of these is a "language" directory.  This contains each of the translation files for that particular screen.

Let's use an example.  You want to add a French translation to the Outgoing Gate Screen.

  • Copy /gatescreen_outgoing/xml/language/en.xml and call the new one "fr.xml", I use the ISO 639 codes for language names.
  • Now open the new file.
  • Change the english text in each line for the french equivalent such as:
  • <engage_shield>Engage Shield</engage_shield>
  • Could become:
  • <engage_shield>Engagez Le Bouclier</engage_shield>
  • Once you're done then save the file.

Now it is time to tell the sim to use the new language file.  This can be handled in two ways.  If you plan on using the Outgoing Gate Screen on its own then you will need to edit "/gatescreen_outgoing/xml/config.xml".  Change the language node from "en" to "fr".

Now when you run the Outgoing Gate Screen on its own it will use French.

If you run the main GUI and access the gate screen via the Desktop Screen then you will have to change the language node in "/xml/config.xml".

The logic behind this is simple.  If you run the main sim all the time then it is easier to change the global sim language option then change it inside each screens XML file.  If you do choose this option then you will need to make sure there are appropriately named language files inside each sub screens xml/language directory, otherwise those screens lacking the new language file will not display any text.

Each screen has it's own unique language file so be careful not to accidentally replace the wrong file.