What are all the main files?

SGACS Cube Wrapper
file: SGACS.swf

In one of the episodes Weir is sat at her desk looking at a manifest on her computer.  She presses a button and the screen zooms out to show it's just one face of a cube.  It then rotates to another face and zooms back in so the page is full screen.  I think that's actually a Linux GUI but I thought it would be fun to try out with the sim.  This is the basis for the wrapper.  When it is first loaded you will be presented with the Desktop screen.

The wrapper adds several controls to the screen including the top right tool bar and the bottom right volume control bar.  Once more than one screen has been loaded you can use the arrow keys to cycle between cube faces.  The wrapper is really a nice idea I had that took up way to much time and became a lot more bloated then I intended it to be.  It really kills performance when compared to running the screens on their own.

Desktop Screen
file: desktop/desktop.swf

The desktop screen allows quick access to each of the pages.  At the moment there are only two that are accessable from here, the DHD and Outgoing Gatescreen buttons.  The others are just place holders for screens that may appear in the future.  To load the DHD just click on the button. You can only run one instance of each screen within the cube system.  If you click on one of the available buttons when that screen is already loaded then it will close the screen.

Dial Home Device Screen
file: dhd/dhd.swf

The DHD is the original screen that started the whole project.  It has had many revisions since its conception.  You can dial symbols by selecting them on screen.  It is possible to dial 7, 8 and 9 symbol addresses.  It can auto dial the POO symbol for you.  The two little triangle buttons on the center left of the screen send MALPs or Teams through connected wormholes.  You can set programs on you computer to run when an address is dialed.  You can control the system power by turning ZPMs on and off using the bottom right controls.  Press "a" to open the Address Book which lets you speed dial gates by clicking on their names.

Outgoing Gate Screen
file: gatescreen_outgoing/gatescreen_outgoing.swf

This is based off a screen shown in several episodes.  It simply displays what has been dialed on a simplified graphic of the gate.  On its own this screen does not do anything but when run along side the DHD it will do its thing.

Gate Destination
file: gate_destination/gate_destination.swf

This handles playing the wormhole video and then loading in the dialed destinations content.  On its own it does nothing and just appears as a white screen however when run along side the DHD it will carry you to the destination after a succesful connection is established.  To enter the wormhole you must select either Send MALP or Send Team from the two small triangle buttons along the center left of both the DHD and Outgoing Gate screens.

System Test Content
file: gate_destination/system_test/system-test.swf

This file demonstrates how content would be loaded in for each destination.  It also shows content designers how they can pass data back to the other screens.  In this case you can tell the SGACS cube wrapper to close and remove the screen which is what you would want to do after completing an away mission.  You can also send and drain power from the DHD.  This lets you simulate things like connecting to a gate near a wormhole or an enemy firing a large energy weapon into the gate.

The idea is that this will be a template for you to make your own content files for each destination.  If I did that for each screen this project would never be finished!


There are a load of extras:

Wormhole Screensaver.  The files are in the misc/Wormhole Screensaver directory.  The exe is a Windows installer for the screen saver.  The actual screen saver is the swf file.
SGA Icon.  images/icons/SGACS.ico There is also the larger Adobe Photoshop version that it was based off in images/icons/SGA Symbol 256x256.psd
Gate Address Displayer in misc/Gate Address Displayer that allows you to display gate addresses on a web page as on the main TSACS Gate Addresses page (http://www.tsacs.com/gate-addresses/)
3D SGA Emblem I made in 3D Studio Max.  The max file is in videos/sga-emblem/  It is what I used to make the rotating emblem on the Desktop screen.
3D Wormhole I made in 3D Studio Max.  The max file is in videos/wormhole/.  It is what I used to make the Gate Destination screens video.