How do I use the sim?

Load each screen seperately

To use each screen seperately open these three files:


Resize them to fit your desktop or if you are lucky enough move each to its own monitor.

Dial an address on the DHD.  For each of use you can use the Address Book by clicking the mouse anywhere within the DHD and then pressing the "a" key on your keyboard.  When the Address Book has loaded just click on one of the titles scrolling along the left side.  Remember, you can't dial Lantea because you are in Lantea!

You should see the symbols being dialed on both the DHD and the Outgoing Gate screen at the same time.

Once the center Engage button is pressed you will then see the Gate Destination screen start the wormhole matter transfer which will eventually lead you to the System Test destination content.

That is the place holder I have created to show where your destination content would go.  That content can be anything you can think of from videos, to photo slide shows to mini games.

Use the SGACS cube wrapper instead

To use the SGACS cube wrapper just open the SGACS.swf file and select the DHD once the Desktop has loaded.  Once you have succesfully dialed an address the cube will open the Gate Destination screen automatically and rotate to for you.