The sim uses code and applications created by other people.  It would not exist without their work. I would like to give a huge thank you to all the following people and companies.

Inspiration and hours of enjoyment.
MGM Television Entertainment -
Universal -

The whole thing uses tweens by TweenMax.
TweenMax AS3 -

The web site uses swfobject 2 for displaying the swf files within the HTML pages.
swfobject 2 -

The DHD uses the fscommand Proxy to load external batch files when an address is dialed.
fscommand Proxy by Northcode Inc -

I based the ColorHelper class on senoculars blendRGB.  It's literally a direct copy and paste with a few tweaks to make it fit within the SGACS framework.  All the logic is his.
Based on blendRGB by senocular -
senocular -

The Pseudo 3D Rotating used for the main cube interface is based on Eric Lins demo mashed with a bit of senoculars tutorial.
Eric Lins demo -
senoculars Tutorial -

The ScreenMessenger system uses the MD5 class written by Paul Johnston (JavaScript md5 implementation) and ported to ActionScript 3 by Andrea Giammarchi.
Paul Johnstons JavaScript md5 implementation -
Andrea Giammarchi -

The DHD uses ActionScript 3 wav loading class WAVPlayerProject by Denis Kolyako to play wav files.  This is what lets you have a perfect looping gate shield sound without the tiny pause that the mp3 format forces.
WAVPlayerProject -

I got a bit stuck when making the outgoing gate screen symble ring until I read VẬT LÝs tutorial.
Draw an Arc with ActionScript -!CF0D28EBCDAEBC3D!2226.entry

The Frames Per Second reader in the SGACS interface was based on getFps by Madokan:
Madokans getFPS -

I used InstantStorm to create the wormhole screensaver.
InstantStorm -